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Ben 09-06-2012 07:31 PM

Landcare's online future
Landcare's online future

By Sarina Locke, Tuesday, 04/09/2012

The head of the Department of Agriculture says Landcare's future will depend on the internet, for mapping weeds and pests.

Dr Conall O'Connell has opened the National Landcare Conference, which this year focuses on engaging a new audience, young rural and urban communities, through social media.

He's highlighted the example of mapping rabbits using the internet, with a program called Rabbit Scan.

"We can map and record sightings of rabbits, the damage they're causing and the control measures in place," he said.

"To date there are nearly 5000 sites mapped and it can be extended to cover other vertebrate pests.

"If something similar existed for emerging and exotic weeds, perhaps it could assist with community identification, mapping and coordination of action across the country."

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