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Default If you were to focus your sustainability efforts...

There has been a long running discussion on the Linkedin group "Sustainability Professionals" titled If you were to focus your sustainability efforts on activities that drive long-term change - what would you focus on?

After much highbrow lofty discussion a recent contributor wrote:

All of us need to take a step back, eh? While a great discussion, very few are stepping outside of the current DSP and Western worldview, which has us where we are. We need a fundamental reappraisal of this position, surely?

What are we educating for and towards? What is the probable future on the current course? What are the possible futures? What are the preferred futures? Identify these.

Sustainability? Sustainability is a human construct, NOT an ecological one. It is a myth. It is a word that sound flash, but really means hanging on in there doing the best one can for as long as one can - that's reality for millions of people not so gifted by happenstance as you and I. So lets get real?

Change is ecological; coping with change and adapting to survive and continue in balanced way, recognising and respecting inextricable ecological inter-connections, inter-relationships and interdependence with all around is essential for this.

Unless we sort these basic delusions out at an individual level, and live and breath such common-sense-wisdom, we are are on borrowed time. It is not rocket science. I suspect we over-complicate things, and that in itself is part of the human condition that is tripping us up.

Any debate that is not technocratic?

Any thoughts from Grazebookers?
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